Welcome to Salida Fire Protection District

The Salida Fire Protection District serves the unincorporated communities of Salida and Del Rio as well as the rural area identified as Wood Colony. The District is located south of the Stanislaus River, west of McHenry Avenue, and north of Shoemake Avenue; it is adjacent to the northwesterly portion of the City of Modesto. The District is responsible for the protection of a variety of geographical areas, ranging from residential neighborhoods, commercial and industrial buildings, rural areas, approximately 3 miles of Highway 99, and approximately 15 miles of the Stanislaus River. The Salida Fire Protection District covers approximately 42 square miles and serves a population of approximately 20,000 people.

The Salida Fire Protection District has three stations: Station 12 is located at E. Broadway and Salida Blvd. in Salida; Station 13 is located at Tully and Ladd Roads in the Del Rio Area; and Station 14 is located at Ciccarelli Road and Toomes Road which is currently staffed full time.

The District is governed by a 5-member elected board which meets on the third Wednesday of each month.